"Maybe they should have a toilet paper museum.  Would you like that?  So we can see all the toilet paper advancements down through the ages.  Toilet paper in the Crusades.  The development of the perforation.  The first six-pack. "

- Jerry Seinfeld

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Welcome to the Virtual Toilet Paper Museum, a tribute to that much-maligned material which plays such an important role (or should that be "roll"?) in our everyday lives.  Come inside and view our extensive collection of brands from the mundane to the exceeding rare, wondrous toilet-paper-related artworks of unusual beauty, and myriad informational exhibits.

Admission is free; we would appreciate the donation of a link. We several free souvenirs in our gift shop for this express purpose.

~ Our guarantee: if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we will cheerfully refund the price of admission. ~

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~ Disclaimer ~
No toilet paper was killed or harmed in the making of this site.  All toilet paper contained herein are treated well and exist happily in captivity; any which failed to adapt were released back into the wild.  This page is sanctioned by ASPCTP and PETTP.